Organizing a briefcase brigade is simple. All you need is a computer, a printer, a few friends,  an internet connection and some poster-board.

Here are the easy steps to organizing a briefcase brigade:

1. Find out where your member’s office isClick here to enter your address.

2. Plan a visibility event

What you need:

– As many friends / people as possible
– An event listing
– Draw up posters
– Share your event listing on Facebook with your friends
– A camera / video camera

A visibility event is an opportunity to build awareness on the issue of youth unemployment. Pick a spot outside the local congressional office to gather your group. Bring your signs! Take photos of your group dressed up in business attire, with your signs and briefcases for us to show online.

3. Dealing with the press

If you want to speak with the press, use our talking points. If you want, we will provide you with a media advisory and one pager on how to reach out to the press. You will invite them to your visibility event.

4. Meeting with your member

If you are meeting with your member of Congress, use our meeting guide!

What do we do the day of the event?

Be visible: The event should be serious, but fun. Make signs that express your views. Stake out a spot in front of the congressional office to show your signs and hand out the one-pager.

Take photos (or video): Take individual and group photos outside the office and someone from your group dropping off the resumes in the office. Share your media on our

Look sharp, be smart: Wear your fancy clothes, use the talking points and be confident. We’ll follow up with you to keep the momentum going. This is the first step. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].