In April, young folks demanding that Congress invest in the future of America’s youth led the Briefcase Brigades, a national day of action that helped put youth unemployment on the political agenda.

Across the country, brigades dressed in business attire, put together resumes and brought briefcases to ask our generation’s most pressing question: what is Congress doing to resolve the youth unemployment crisis? But the movement isn’t over. As the condition of the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate,  it is essential that young people continue escalating the pressure until Congress acts in our interest.

Our generation faces a trap – education is more expensive than ever and more necessary for finding a job, but the jobs just aren’t there. We aren’t asking for a hand out. All we want is this generation to invest in our future like previous generations invested in theirs.

We’re ready for work, but the jobs just aren’t there.

America needs to invest in education, infrastructure and research to build a sustainable 21st century economy that works for all of us. Right now our generation needs jobs, not cuts. Politicians should think of our needs before cutting the budget in our name.