How to write a postcard

How to write a postcard when you can’t think of anything to say… Often the most difficult thing is actually starting! You can open your postcard with ‘Dear/est’, a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hey’ or something a little more romantic like […]

Bad writing

Understanding Why Students Avoid Writing If parents and teachers understand why some students hate writing , they can targeted solution to address students’ reluctance. Learn some reasons students avoid writing, and how increasing the automaticity of writing skills and underscoring […]

Building trust in the workplace

Building Trust In The Workplace: The Most Common Misunderstanding When trust breaks down between individuals or teams, relationships suffer — poor communication, hiding, defensive posturing, blame and other forms of aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviors ensue. The assumption is that the […]

Empathy at Work

Types of Empathy There are three types of empathy. The difference between them is in the action taken. So, while many of us might identify as very empathetic, we are too nervous to take action. In workplaces that don’t prioritize […]

Freelancing tips

This is a rare thing in the industry, but it goes a long way to showing your amazing communication skills. A very brief recap email after each meeting, along with your understanding of next steps, assure the client you are […]

Business text messaging

Rather than resort to lengthy emails or phone calls back and forth, clarifications and confirmations via push notifications can do the trick. This sort of speed and accessibility provides a distinct competitive advantage to businesses working with multiple clients at […]

Writing skills assessment test

Answer C represents the best organized paragraph. The first thing to do when attempting to solve these exercises is to read all the sentences and see if you can easily identify the introduction, supporting or closing sentences. Sentences 1 and […]