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How to write a postcard when you can’t think of anything to say…

Often the most difficult thing is actually starting! You can open your postcard with ‘Dear/est’, a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hey’ or something a little more romantic like ‘To the one I love’ or ‘To my best friend in the world’

#1 Where are you?

If you’re writing your postcard from home talk about the room where you’re sitting as you write their card, or where you’ve just come from. It will bring a sense of space and intimacy to your friend as they imagine where you were sat as you wrote their postcard.

How to write a postcard using where you are sample postcard

Dearest Molly,

I’m writing this postcard while looking at the Leaning Tower of Pisa from my spot outside the cafe. You know what? It really is very crooked. A waiter just brought me my ‘Crema Di Caffè’ – I don’t have to feel silly saying that now either! I think I was born in the wrong country…

Not space for much more – missing you lots!

Your friend in Italy

#2 What are you doing there?

Send notes to others about your adventures. Consider telling them why you’ve decided to visit that place or what you’ve done while you’re there. Mention what brought you to your destination and how you got there. And most importantly who with!

Or, if you’re writing from home, you can talk about a brief instance that occurred that made you reflect on your day or on your friendship to your postcard pal. Think about the reason you’re writing to them right now!

Writing a postcard with what you

Hey gang,

Today we met up with a whole group of tourists who were visiting Rome for just one day like us. Well, we had a lot of fun and visited some awesome places. They were cool… But am I bad person for wishing it was all of you instead? 😀 Next time, you’re coming with us!

Speak soon,

Your friend

#3 What’s happening?

What kind of events, past or upcoming have you participated in lately? Are there any key points you’d like to share that your recipient would be especially interested in? You can try including travel tips for the region that you are visiting. Or if you’re writing from home, talk about local tourist spots that you’d like to show off if your recipient ever comes to visit.

By the way: You can even send them pictures of what’s going down, if this is one of those times when pictures really do say a 1000 words! If you think your photography skills aren’t up to scratch, then read the ultimate travel photography guide for beginners and send your personalized postcard!

Postcard message sample of what

Hey Mo,

So you remember we used to talk about visiting Berlin all the time? Well guest who’s spontaneously there… ME! Fun fact – did you know the Berlin Wall that separated East and West Germany is still up in places? They’ve reclaimed it with awesome street art which they call the East Side Gallery. We need to come back here together soon!

Greetings from Germany!


#4 What’s cooking?

Send recipes and share local cuisine establishments. Add notes about your favorite dishes and which restaurants served them to you. If you’re traveling, what are the local dishes that are served and what’s the best thing about them? Take note of foreign condiments and table manners.

How to write a postcard using cooking as content

Dear mom,

You always say I should try it before I say I don’t like it. Well, I’m writing this postcard to tell you, you’d be proud! I’ve tried a ton of new stuff since I’ve been in Asia. I haven’t loved all of them, but there’s this one dish that I will cook for you when I’m home. Aloo Tikki – I added a photo of it on the front of this card. YUM!

#5 Daily greetings

A postcard is a fun and simple way to send greetings at any time of the year. Send well wishes that reflect your thoughts on your nephew’s big soccer game. Or how excited you are about your sister’s pregnancy. Recount special moments that you’ve shared and silly little things that have occurred in your daily routine. Ask for return postcards that answer your questions about what your recipient has been up to recently.

Postcard Format

1. Choosing a postcard

One of the best things about sending a postcard is choosing the image on the front. This image will be the first thing your recipient sees so be sure to pick a postcard image that not only best represents your holiday but also an image you think your recipient would like best.

Front Of Photo Postcard And Back Of Postcard With Message

2. Where to write on a postcard?

Greet your recipient on the back left hand side of a postcard but ensure you leave enough room below for a message. When writing postcards, the greeting is the perfect place to start off your message and make your recipient feel special and valued. If you’re aiming for a formal tone start your postcard with ‘Dear, (name)’. If you’re aiming for a more informal tone you could start your postcard with ‘Hello, Hi or Hey (name)’.

Once you’ve chosen your postcard greetings, it’s now time to share holiday memories or your latest news with your recipient. Write your message on the back left hand side of the postcard just under the greeting. When it comes to writing a postcard the space is limited so your message needs to be short and sweet. Before putting pen to paper, plan what you are going to write to ensure you have enough space – there is nothing worse than running out of space in the middle of a sentence! If you’re stuck for ideas about what to write on a postcard, we run through 10 things to write on a postcard later on in this post.

The next stage of postcard writing is signing off your postcard, so be sure to leave enough room as no postcard is complete without a heartfelt farewell to your loved ones. Choose to sign off your postcard with a ‘See you soon!, Wish you were here, Hugs from (destination)’ and be sure to include your name so your recipient knows who the postcard is from.

Back Of Postcard With Message

3. How to address a postcard

When it comes to addressing a postcard, write the recipient’s address on the right hand side. The standard postcard format has a vertical line down the middle, with a blank space to the left, and a lined space to the right. Write your recipient’s full name and address on the lined space to the right. Be sure to include the recipients full address including city/town, country and postcode.

Back Of PostCard with Postcard Address

4. Where to place a postcard stamp?

Place the stamp within the outlined box on the top right of the postcard (if purchasing a postcard from a local shop and not online). Whilst on holiday you can head to the post office, bank or petrol stations to purchase a stamp and if you’re wondering about postage rates, you can read our article, How much is a postcard stamp ? Be sure that the stamp is only placed on the back of the postcard in the outlined box, anywhere else will increase the chances of the postcard getting lost.



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