Rather than resort to lengthy emails or phone calls back and forth, clarifications and confirmations via push notifications can do the trick. This sort of speed and accessibility provides a distinct competitive advantage to businesses working with multiple clients at once:

simpletexting business sms service

Business text messaging

Want to send instant messages, both internally to colleagues and externally to clients and partners? With Dialpad, you can SMS + MMS text messages and instant team messages—all from the same beautiful desktop or mobile app. Sign up for a free 14-day trial to try it for yourself!

And with business text messaging from Dialpad, your team can have a robust, versatile communications platform that lets you communicate through not only SMS and MMS (multimedia image, sound, and video) text messaging, but also A2P messaging, phone calls, video meetings, and more.

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What makes a great business SMS app?

Does it keep your customers’ information safe and secure?

Instead, you need a dedicated texting app that’s tied to a proper business phone number. Relying on consumer apps is careless for protecting both you and your customers’ personal and financial information.

Does it give you scalable messaging that grows with your business (without breaking the bank)?

Keep in mind that business texting is something that needs to be scalable, though. Once you get on board, you’re committing to sending and receiving texts from customers for the long haul. How often and how much you’re going to use texting really depends on the size and scope of your business.

For example, the cost of texting is different when you’re paying for a service that covers a handful of customers versus hundreds or thousands of them. Some services offer a credit-based payment system, while other tools (like RingCentral) provide unlimited access to SMS.

Is it easy to use and does it integrate with tools you’re already using?

It obviously makes sense to couple your SMS campaigns with your existing communication tools (think: phone system, email marketing software). For example, RingCentral’s integrations allow you to text your customers within your email inbox, CRM, and more.

Also, you should choose a text messaging service for business with a low learning curve. Tools like RingCentral make it a cinch to send texts via our desktop app, which looks akin to a traditional business messenger. Below is our texting integration with Salesforce, for reference:

ringcentral salesforce texting integration

So, what are the best texting services for business?

1. RingCentral: A complete communications suite with unlimited, integration-friendly texting built in

ringcentral business sms

Through RingCentral, you can send unlimited texts up to 1,000 characters from a single business phone number. This includes meeting requests, files, links, and anything in between. Whether you simply want to be able to confirm meetings with clients or run full-blown marketing campaigns, you’re covered.

The biggest upside of using RingCentral is that all of your business’ communication is consolidated into a single platform. For example, you can track all of your text messages via your RingCentral dashboard or take advantage of our in-app integrations for your inbox or CRM.

For example, integrations like Trumpia Connect allow you to roll out RingCentral’s texting capabilities directly into Salesforce. Chatting with your customers via text is as simple as writing any other message on your desktop:

trumpia connect business sms

Here’s another example, this time of RingCentral’s integration with amoCRM, which allows you to log all of your customer interactions including calls, emails, and texts. This gives you a more comprehensive history of your customer relationships, all without any note-taking on your part:

amoCRM texting

salesnexus business texting

Another benefit of using RingCentral is that our texting features are unlimited. In other words, you aren’t tied to per-message rates or pricing. If you have a large customer base, this means you don’t have to worry about blowing out your budget or rationing your texts.

Also, RingCentral is one of the best business texting services for your customers and colleagues. For example, you can use our platform to send internal texts to your team members. Don’t have the time to hop on a call or write an email? Why not just do a quick check-in over text?

2. ZipWhip: Sleek, simplified texting with an emphasis on automation and saving time

zipwhip business texting

For example, the platform allows you to create a variety of templates for text-based announcements and confirmations such as check-ins, payments, and appointment reminders. Creating workflows that you can put on autopilot, ZipWhip does a ton of legwork when it comes to otherwise tedious tasks on behalf of your customer service team.

Another cool feature of ZipWhip is the ability to create autoresponders based on specific keywords and queries for customers. For example if someone’s text contained “hours,” then you might have an autoresponder detailing your company’s hours of operation.

Beyond these automations, ZipWhip also allows you to chat one-on-one via text messaging with your customers akin to live chat. You can likewise add personalized signatures to your business-based texts to give your messages a personal touch.

3. EZTexting: A mass-messaging app made with marketing in mind

eztexting business texting service

These sorts of exclusives are fantastic tools not only for customer retention but also to incentivize customers to become part of your texting list. The fact that EZTexting also includes analytics and integrations with email marketing tools means you have a more holistic view of how SMS factors into closing customers.

Beyond these marketing features, you can likewise set up automated reminders and alerts akin to ZipWhip. The platform is straightforward and offers both flexible-use and high-volume plans depending on your needs. You can also add on extra business numbers or extra messages if you’re looking for a la carte messaging features.

4. TextRequest: Mass-texting tailored for small service-based businesses

textrequest business sms

Using text messaging services for business: 5 case studies

1. Parkway Solutions

Parkway Solutions is an accounting firm that helps small and medium sized business with payroll, and to stay in touch with clients, they use a unified communications platform. Specifically, Dialpad, which gives them not only a VoIP phone system, but also video meetings and SMS/MMS text messaging—all from an app on their laptops or cell phones.

Instead of paying for a separate business text messaging service, they get all their communication channels in one convenient place (and in one convenient monthly invoice). And beyond just texting clients, they’ve found another clever way to use texting:

We’ve actually done something quite unique with Dialpad, and it has to do with multi-factor authentication. Dialpad was one of the only solutions that’s a VoIP system that also has text messaging. So we set up a special phone number in Dialpad (which cost basically nothing) that became our security line for multi-factor authentication.

Matthew Fulton
Chief Technology Officer, Parkway Solutions

2. Coye Law Firm

Coye Law Firm practices in multiple states and has employees working around the country. Their founder, Wade, also enjoys working from southern France for a good chunk of the year—which means a remote-friendly communications platform is a must. His clients often prefer texting over voice calls, and wouldn’t even think of using email­. Because of this, Wade knew that he needed a business text messaging platform built into whatever software he ended up choosing for the firm.

Dialpad’s texting feature is really good. And it’s important because I’ve got clients coming in who don’t even use email because it’s not relevant—but they text all the time. So texting is critical, along with voice, because that’s how people communicate.

Wade Coye
Owner and Attorney, Coye Law Firm

3. Riders Share

Customers are so impressed when we’re on a call and I message them the website link they need—usually before they’re even done asking the question! And if I have a missed phone call, I can text them right back.

Guillermo Cornejo
CEO, Riders Share

4. Firefly Health

Yes, texting works in healthcare too. Healthcare practice Firefly Health was growing quickly, and what’s unique is that it has a contact center team too. Because of a recent change in the laws, it started looking into a text messaging system for business that would let them communicate with patients over SMS/MMS messages on the fly. "It really opened up an opportunity for us to text on a more regular basis," says Kimberly, their Head of Member Experience Operations.



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