Why We’re Back

It was four months ago that young people across the country dressed in business attire, resumes in hand, to ask their members of Congress what was being done about the youth jobs crisis. Four months ago, 31 groups in 22 states moved to reclaim our generation’s American Dream. And now the Briefcase Brigades are back.

We’ve been told change doesn’t come overnight. But in this case, change is long overdue. Years after the start of the Great Recession, youth unemployment remains at an all-time high. Young people are graduating from college to find themselves jobless and embroiled in a brutal debt cycle. And rather than seeing change for the better, things have taken a turn for the worse. Our government’s destructive deal on the debt crisis has put more programs that support working and middle class America in jeopardy. It seems that Congress has forgotten who they serve.

Young Americans will continue to demand that Congress invest in education, create jobs, and preserve the programs that provide us with opportunities that shape our future. Congress must begin to see itself not as an agglomeration of personal interests, but rather as a group of political stewards – they are preserving the America we as youth will inherit. And with that role comes an immense responsibility to the American people. We are here to hold Congress accountable to that responsibility.

Today kicks off another round of Briefcase Brigades. Young people across America will pull out their suits and briefcases again with the same demand – invest in our future, put youth unemployment on the political agenda.

But this is not merely a string of actions. It is a national youth mindset. We are here to stay until Congress meets our demands.

Stay tuned for updates on today’s Briefcase Brigades, as well as next steps for August’s action agenda.