Why Now?

There is a youth jobs crisis that no one is talking about. Unemployment for Americans under 30 is 16.7%, double the national average.

We are the most highly educated generation in American history, but we face the highest unemployment since the Great Depression. What we need now is jobs, but all politicians can talk about is budget cuts.

Econ 101 says cutting necessary investments in the midst of a recession destroys jobs and threatens the health of the economy as a whole. We’re stuck in a catch-22: education is more important than ever, but jobs are harder than ever to find and education just keeps getting more expensive.

Politicians who say budget cuts are what’s best for our generation don’t speak for us. We think starting our career is more important than cutting deficits years in the future.

Unless the country changes course, we will become the first generation in the modern era to face worse economic prospects than our parents.

Our generation demands a plan to invest in the future that jump starts the economy. We want to know what congress plans to do to solve the youth employment crisis.