Update: Dover, Delaware

As I approached the Duncan Center, I was worried that I wouldn’t have any support in the action I was planning to take. But I was wrong. The briefcase brigade held in Dover, DE at Tom Carper’s office on August 10 was led by me, Rashaad Johsnon, and Jacque Scott. We were only two college students who felt as though something should be done to better this economy.

The Briefcase Brigades are important to me because I am amongst millions who will be affected in the future by the issue that this movement revolves around: youth unemployment and cuts that will affect my generation in the near future. When I see my peers that have graduated before me, all they do is recount how bad the economy is; how they can’t get a job in their field – not because they aren’t qualified but because there aren’t enough available. Our protest was to show that the younger generations, such as ourselves, care about tackling these issues our country faces. We want to know if members of Congress around the country are taking action to help end this dire situation.