August Actions: Jobs Not Cuts!

In the wake of a historic credit downgrade, a deadlock in Congress, and the imminent threat of cuts to programs like Medicaid, Pell grants, and Social Security, one huge issue has yet to be addressed: the looming jobs crisis.

More than two years after the Great Recession hit, the U.S. unemployment rate remains over 9%. For youth the figures are even more devastating, around double the national average. And with higher education more expensive than ever, young people are feeling the effects of a Congress that has refused to invest in our future.

Congress needs to grow up — it is unacceptable for them to keep manufacturing crises instead of dealing with the real problems we face. This month we’re getting dressed up in professional attire and heading to congressional offices all around the country to bring attention to the glaring need for a jobs bill that puts young people back to work.

We’ll kick things off on August 10th with another round of Briefcase Brigades. This is your opportunity to do something about the jobs crisis, for yourself and members of your community.

Young people have already shown they can save important programs like Pell from the initial cutting process by fighting loudly and publicly. Now we need to take the next step, and put pressure on Congress to focus on jobs, not cuts.

We will hold the newly created “Super Congress” accountable for encouraging job creation and providing a jobs package that puts youth talent to use. in an era where more than 80% of new jobs require post-high school training, government should be investing in education and college affordability, not creating more obstacles.

It’s time for Congress to listen to our generation: give young people a shot at the American Dream.

Check back for updates on the action agenda this next few weeks!