April 27th Brigades

Today, young voters around the country are getting dressed for an interview, briefcases in hand, and going to their local congressional office to say, “We’re Ready — Where are the jobs?”

31 groups in 22 states organized Briefcase Brigades to demand a plan to deal with the youth jobs crisis.

As Washington focuses on addressing the nation’s debt burden, young voters are taking a stand and telling their members of Congress that job creation is what we need right now.

Unemployment for Americans under the age of 30 is double the national average, but neither party is talking about the youth unemployment crisis. Congress is ignoring the urgent need to expand opportunities for our generation and protect our priorities for the future. Long term deficit reduction cannot come at the expense of investments that create the jobs younger voters desperately need.

This is the first step in putting the youth employment crisis on the political agenda. As the 2012 election approaches, the voice of young voters will only grow in importance. We’re finding our own voice and speaking out about the issues that affect us personally.

Young voters are organizing Brigades around the country, including New York, Washington, Boston, Orlando, Columbus, Minneapolis, Madison and Atlanta. We’re handing out our generation’s resume, and asking our members of Congress what they’re doing to solve the jobs crisis.